The principal consultant of the Prometheus Consulting Corp. is Miles B. Potter.  Mr. Potter has over twelve years of  Software/Internet Development and IT management experience and is highly qualified to complete your projects in a timely and efficient manner.  Work can be done either on- or off-site and short term/part time projects are a specialty.

Mr. Potter has been developing custom applications using Visual Basic, Access, and SQL Server for over seven years.  Prior to using this toolset he worked primarily with "C", Foxpro, DBase, and Clipper.  As an Internet Developer Mr. Potter has worked extensively with IIS and Active Server Pages (both VBscript and javascript) with an emphasis on developing database driven sites using both Access and SQL Server.

In addition to PC oriented application development Mr. Potter has worked with several minicomputer systems such as the AS/400.  Projects in this realm generally involve moving data either to or from the midrange system and allowing it to be manipulated or displayed on the PC or website.

A strong background in network internals, server configuration, and executive and project management support the software/internet development skills and ensure that your project will integrate with your existing IT infrastructure and your company's way of doing business.