Selected Projects

  • Internet website for online conference registration.  Allows conference attendees to register for programs and select hotels to stay at from a real time SQL Server database through Active Server Pages.  Uses SSL to secure transmissions of credit card information for reservations.  Confirmations are automatically sent via SMTP mail.

        See it here.

  • Internet website to be used as a "home base" for public access terminals. After  swiping a charge card the user is allowed to surf the web through this "home  base" interface.

  • Internet website for online conference registration. Allows conference attendees  to register for programs and select hotels to stay at from a real time SQL Server  database through Active Server Pages. Uses SSL to secure transmissions of  credit card information for reservations. Confirmations are automatically sent via SMTP mail.

  • Internet enabled application to recommend vitamins/herbal remedies based on user responses to questionnaires and test results. 

  • Application to allow school districts to administer multiple choice standards performance tests over Internet/Intranet.

  • System to allow interior designers to select floor coverings for homes under construction. The application allows dynamic selection of carpet and other products on a mini floor plan of the house. When the user finishes purchase orders and sales contracts can be printed.

  • System to transmit medical test reports from Doctors to Life Insurance Companies PC network. This system allowed results from required medical exams to reach the Insurance Company in minutes rather than days. 

  • Sales presentation and contract generation system on PCs that uploads information to production/operations system on a J.D. Edward's AS/400. This system allows real estate agents to show homes to prospective homebuyers. The system handles floor plans, construction options, mortgage qualification, sales contracts and prospect tracking. Information is transferred from the PCs located at each subdivision to the main AS/400-based Contracts system in the main office. 

  • System to link major National Homebuilder's PC based construction scheduling system to Accounts Payable on a J.D. Edward's AS/400. System allows construction superintendents to schedule the activities required to build a house from their construction trailer. As each activity is completed the corresponding pay point is released in the Accounts Payable system located in the main office within 15 minutes. Information on completion times can be analyzed to spot trends and problems. 

  • System to store 1000+ page reports from Hotel reservation mainframe onto Laser Disk for access by a PC application. Guest charge records are stored on networked laser disk to allow easy retrieval of information, prior to this system, disputes had to be resolved by sifting through huge paper reports. 

  • Extensive custom modifications to J.D. Edward's AS/400 accounting package to provide users with needed functionality. Also troubleshooting and resolving J.D. Edward's database problems and integrity issues.

  • System to extract information from Hotel Reservation system for demographic research and Marketing. Guest and Group information is downloaded from a legacy minicomputer reservation system to a PC application which provides analysis and creation of form letters. 

  • User friendly P.C. application for Utility companies to pull credit reports from major Credit Bureau mainframes over dial up. Windows based GUI front end allows customer service reps to easily pull credit reports from complex mainframe database. Users of this $300,000 project include Pacific Bell.

  • Application running on a Palm Pilot that allows Construction Superintendents to reschedule their crews as they walk around. The application synchronizes with a larger PC based scheduling system to update work schedules.

  • Commercial application developed for Software/Education Consulting Company. The application allows schools to track and score "fill in the dot" type tests electronically using OMR scanners. Provides reports on student progress graphically.